july 19 2017

Movie Right Now – Detailed info of every movie on your Hard Drive

A simple, fast, beautiful UI based tool that helps you to compare between all the movies stored on your hard disk. You can view detailed information like rating and Starcast to make up your mind on which movie to watch next.

I made this little tool called MovieRightNow as a Command line utility. I had a lot of movies on my Hard disk when I was in college. The collection was huge and was easily taking up Hundreds of GB’s of space. Whenever I wanted to watch a movie, I used to browse through my collection. Deciding on a single movie out of hundreds of them was a difficult task for me. I wasted a lot of my time doing this.

After a lot of browsing, I used to make a list of 10-12 movies. And then, I open IMDB and search for each movie one by one. This became a routine whenever I had some free time.

So one day, I came across this very useful API – OMDB API. It was public then. I made a little script that took a hard drive location as the input-The location where all the movies are stored. I iterated through every movie at that location and used the API to retrieve useful information on each movie. This made it easy for me, and I ended up saving a lot of my time.

I showed it to my friends. It was fast, and the results were pretty accurate too. But, since it had to be run on the terminal/CMD window, it looked complicated. I decided to make a GUI for this script. So I used some JavaFX to create a good looking GUI.

You can read more about MovieRightNow here.

JUNE 24 2017

Accounts and Fee management solution

A platform to help accountant and student to make their work easier. To provide an online Account Management system for colleges, which would offer all accountancy functionalities.

With the help of this software, the college would be able to keep the student fee and other accounting functionalities record online. By using this software amount of errors or dispute that has been occurring during the manual accounting should be minimized.
It will provide a database system that deals with all activities done by a computer such as admission process, fee payment, etc. All these processes are handled by computer management system.

Know more here: Accounts and fee management solution.

may 11 2017

Minimal blog using HTML and CSS

A simple but good looking blog with no back end, just HTML and CSS.

I used just basic HTML skills to display blog content. The styling done with CSS is minimal. This one is just a basic HTML/CSS project that utilizes basic tags and simple styling attributes. I have also used google fonts to make the content look better. This could be hosted on a server to publish posts and show all the posts in the blog feed.

minimal blogusing HTML and CSS shahsparx

You could use my code to build upon the design, or even implement a back end to your blog. Code is available at : Minimal blog.