Kindle Review – Reading on Amazon Kindle vs Smartphone

Hello Readers, I hope you guys are good. I have been doing a lot of reading lately. I enjoy learning new stuff. And what’s  better than books when you want to learn things. Contents1 Reader problems2 Kindle Specifications3 Kindle Versions4 Awesome Kindle features5 Some more cool features that come on Kindle6 Comparison: Reading On Smartphone Vs. Amazon Kindle Reader problems

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JavaFX tableview example – building tableview with JSON data

Hello, readers! My last post about JavaFX was about implementing the material design using JFoenix library. Here I am going to show you steps to build your JavaFX tableview with JSON data. So Let’s get started. Contents1 JSON for JavaFX tableview2 Model class for the JavaFX tableview3 Creating an ObservableList4 Initializing the columns of JavaFX tableview5 Loading parsed JSON data

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